Rise of the Western Empire

Revenge Upon the Pack

Feeling humiliated by a mere pack of wolves Cynan decides to wreak his revenge upon them.

Day 11 – 12: Having found a defensible campsite Cynan set about digging pit traps and his usual bell strings. On the 12th night Cynan hears the pack returning and notices that it’s actions seem oddly directed. As though some intelligence were leading it.

Day 13: With he pits in place Cynan and Sin hunt up the bait they’ll be using. All is going well until they retun to the cave to find that someone/something had been there and set all their hard earned pelts ablaze. Who/What ever it was certainly did so in a ceremonial fashion and nothing else was taken. That night the pits traps worked well, catching three of the six initial wolves to rush the camp. Sin was downed by a particularly well trained Beta, but Cynan was able to dispatch her and earn the wrath of the Alpha. However, riding upon the Alpha was a Goblin with plans of his own, particularly, to run and fight another day. The goblin quickly doused the camp fire and began setting his captured wolves free. He and four wolves escaped with a parting shot into Cynan with a poisoned arrow with sapped his strength.

Day 14: Immediately after the encounter with the wolf rider Cynan and Sin gathered their gear and took off in a hunting pursuit. Sin had gotten a claw into the Goblin before he got away and the scent was strong. Making good time through the day they decided to press on into the night hoping to gain more ground while the pack rested. However, just as they became too exhausted to continue an elf dropped into the path ahead of them cautioning them to “stop and be still”.

Longest Night
And so it begins...

The night has come and Cynan is ready to prove himself a leader of the tribe. He has decided to make his way to the Mighty River and find a boat to take himself and Sin southward.

Day 1 – 3: Relatively easy travel leaving the valley heading due south to reach the foot hills.

Day 4: Having reached the foot hills, begins heading East to reach the Mighty River. No trouble, but did notice that a rather large (12ish) wolf pack has claimed this area as theirs.

Day 5: While making camp stumbled upon a small herd of deer and downed a buck. That night he was attacked by the wolves. Initially, all twelve where there plus the Alpha, but only six attacked and the rest made chase after something else. During the fight Sin was nearly killed (-8) and Cynan narrowly survived (0).

Day 6 – 10: Cynan was able to find a small but defensible cave with good water and nursed Sin back to health. During this time he was also able to reflect upon what he has learned since leaving the valley and learned well. (Attained 2nd Level)


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